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The case concerns the armed conflict which broke out between Georgia and the Russian Federation in August 2008 and its consequences. The application was declared admissible in 2011 after a Chamber hearing.

The Chamber in question thereafter declined jurisdiction in favour of the Grand Chamber. Calendar of hearings Country profile - Georgia Country profile - Russia. Croatia the Court found a violation of the right to protection of property. It found that the fact of requiring the applicant to repay the unemployment benefit paid to her in error over an approximately three-year period had imposed an excessive individual burden on her.

In the case of Hoti v.

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Croatia the Court found a violation of the right to respect for private life. The case concerned the inability of the applicant, a stateless person born in Kosovo at the time of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, to regularise his residence status in Croatia, where he had been living for almost 40 years.

The Court declared the application in the case of Khaksar v. The applicant, an Afghan national resident in the United Kingdom, argued that his removal to Afghanistan would entail a violation of the Convention in view of his serious health issues. Alfie Evans, born in May 2016, has been on ventilation in hospital after becoming seriously ill with a catastrophic and untreatable, progressive, neurodegenerative condition.

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Voting result List and cv of candidates How are judges elected. The Court is launching a new video aimed at heightening awareness among Spanish applicants concerning the most common errors made in that country in completing the application form. The video is the first in a series aimed at countries in which recurrent errors have been identified in relation to Rule 47. Gulamhussein and Tariq v. Composition of the Court.

Judges of the Court. Speeches by the President. How the Court works. Case processing and working methods. Events at the Court.

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Opening of the Judicial Year 2018. Seminar Dialogue between Judges. Reports of judgments and decisions. Publications of the Council of Europe. Provisional list of scheduled hearings.

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Cases pending before the Grand Chamber. Statistics by month 2018. Statistics by year 2017. Thematical statistics - Interim measures. Apply to the Court. How to make a valid application. How to lodge an application.

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Procedure before the ECHR. Applicants - other languages. European Convention on Human Rights. Protocols to the Convention. Reform of the Court.

Европейский суд по защите прав человека официальный сайт

Reports, Notes and Opinions. Accession of the European Union. My first visit - what to do. Table of contents of human rights periodicals. Case law - Court paper. Case law - Commission paper.

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Latest Commentaries and Manuals on the Convention. Grand Chamber hearing in an inter-State case. Press Release More info. Election of a judge. Russia Benedik v Slovenia.

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